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Digital transport management by DAKO: TachoWeb provides cross-linked functionalities ranging from transport planning, management of tachograph data and telematics to make your fleet processes more transparent. With TachoWeb, you can manage your entire fleet in one portal – web-based, flexible and secure. Get a personal consultation from our Team or register directly here. (Please note: By sending the registration form, you agree to a binding contract with DAKO. The contract documents will be sent to you by postal service.).
De-minimis 2021 funding period has begun on January 7
De-minimis 2021 funding period has begun on January 7
From 7th January 2021, all enterprises that paid toll fees last year in Germany can partially recover their expenses through the toll harmonisation programme De-minimis. Applications can be submitted through the eService-Portal of the German Federal Office for Goods Transport. Changes in the catalogue of measures concern subsidies for consultations on automation and digitalisation. Telematics solutions such as TachoWeb will remain eligible. Like last year, the budget regulation applies, so companies do not have to commit themselves to concrete measures. » Overview (German)
Brexit: Withdrawal agreement regulates EU exit
Brexit: Withdrawal agreement regulates EU exit
With the withdrawal agreement successfully negotiated at short notice, there will probably be no hard Brexit. However, the EU Parliament still has to give its consent. Until further information, the changes came into force provisionally on 1 January 2021. Good news for truck drivers and hauliers entering the UK from the EU and Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Switzerland for short stays: A visa is not necessary for the time being. The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) will also remain valid until it expires. Read more details » here.